There are plenty of "oldies but goodies" shows on the radio. In fact, of course, WQMA plays all of the more popular oldies shows all weekend long as a part of our "Superstar Oldies Weekend".

            But Dave the Rave's show is different. Unlike everybody else, he isn't trying to play only the #1 hits. Not even the top 10 hits. Dave isn't even trying to only play songs in the top 40! This doesn't mean that Dave is trying to play music you wont like. Quite the opposite. Dave the Rave is giving credit to music that should've been big. Some of the music that didn't top the charts, or should've made the top 40 but didn't. Local hits, record store rarities. Some of the music in his collection is the kind of music that you would have to be paying $100 for in an old record store. But now you can hear all of the relics and rarities each week at no charge on WQMA OldiesRadio 1520.

            Dave the Rave has one of the largest music collections of anybody we know. He has approximately 35,000 45 RPM records, and over 12,000 albums - and he isn't afraid to use them. As you settle down for a www.partypoker.com session or a relaxing sit-down in your favourite chair with his show on in the background, you'll occasionally hear a pop, or scratch on Dave the Rave's show as he digs deep into his record library to bring you oldies that might even be "new" to you!

            The show had been on XM Satellite Radio where it had a large fanbase. However, the satellite radio managers didn't like the occasional record skips and pops, and the music consultants have ruined the decade channels there insisting they play the same overplayed songs that are hits over and over. They must not remember what music sounded before 1980. It's just another reason that WQMA's weekend programming is better than satellite radios. Luckily, we appreciate this very very unique radio program and look forward to enjoying the "Relics and Rarities" with Dave for a very long time.



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